Friday, November 25, 2011

Picnic Love

I wanted a traditional red gingham picnic quilt. I was planning this one in my head while I was working on the Tokyo Subway Map quilt. I really wanted to give this to Bethie-Sauce and Dave as a housewarming gift. I did start to get worried, though when she was pinning picnic baskets on pinterest. They would never match "Picnic Love"

I decided to just keep swimming because she would still love "Picnic Love" regardless of the colors.

It turns out, she did.

"Picnic Love" is cute and sturdy for a picnic. I made a drawstring backpack so it would be easy to carry with all picnic supplies.

"Picnic Love" is soft and snuggly for Beth and Dave to cuddle under during the winter.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Test from Phone

I haven't blogged in awhile since my laptop broke. My computer guru husband fixed it over and over...he either got annoyed with fixing it and doesn't want to fix it anymore, or it's just not fixable. Either's done.

I have a desktop computer but I just don't like sitting at it.

Wenny told me that I have to update my blog anyway. My whole 7 followers are going through Dee's obsessive crafting withdrawals!!! Bwahahah I have been crafting obsessively. I just haven't shared so well.

So I downloaded an app for my phone and will give it a try for now.

So here is my first post from the phone. We'll call it a test.