Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Mosaic progress!

I've finished the quilt top as well as the back! It's. Huge quilt. Approximately 96" x 96".

Quilt top has an assortment of tan prints arranged into a mosaic block. The sashing is a solid pink.

The quilt back has an assortment of pinks/rose prints arranged into a mosaic block. The sashing is solid tan.

There is one print that has both tan and pink included in all of the blocks.

I'm going to assume that my whole seven followers aren't too interested in fabric designers and where it was purchased., just be aware that I used the good stuff. ;)

Going to quilt this weekend!!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Elizabeth Hartman - oh how I love thee

I feel like Elizabeth Hartman's crazy stalker fan. ( think that if I ever meet Elizabeth, I will probably scream and faint like a crazy fan.

This Mosaic design is another brilliant idea that Elizabeth came up with. I saw this and just had to do one just like it!

The mosaic quilt is still on progress. I've finished the quilt top and I'm working on the back now.

Elizabeth also designed some adorable quilted doorstops. Dude. Between keeping doors open or keeping doors closed...this was perfect for me! I made two!

Methinks Elizabeth was put on this earth just for me <3