Friday, May 20, 2011

Quilt Top Done! Tokyo Subway Map

Dear Elizabeth Hartman,
My first draft of this letter was an apology for butchering your absolutely beautiful Tokyo Subway Map Quilt design. As I was going along, I messed up so much. Seams were uneven. Seams weren't straight. Fabric wasn't cut straight. I was going to invite you to Powell's the next time I'm in Portland for coffee to sing to you to make it up to you. Then, I started doubting my vocal talent because my sewing talent was clearly not as good as I thought it was all these years.

Luckily, some of my own experience and skills helped me repair a lot of it.  It's so far from perfect like yours. It is still absolutely beautiful and I'm proud to show it off.

Love always and forever,
P.S. We can still do coffee if you want...I'll bring a copy of your book and a sharpee for you to sign it.

Now, I just need to come up with the cash to buy the supplies to finish the quilt. I've figured out how I want the back and the binding. So excited to finish this!


  1. That is SO cool! I pinned it up on my Pinterest, so you may notice some increased traffic to your site now. ;0)

  2. Awesome! I'm so excited to finish this officially.

    Just learning how to use Pinterest. Loving it so far!

  3. That's just awesome Dee

  4. I'm completely in love with it.