Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hand Knit sweater anyone?

My laptop is broken. No - not "crashed'. It's broken. I broke it. My husband fixed 4 times since I kept breaking it. I really shouldn't have anything nice. :(  He is either tired of fixing it or it's really not gonna work anymore. Oops?

Anyway, I figured I'd post a really quick picture of a hand knit that turned out GREAT!

Cody never asks for anything. Ever. He especially doesn't ask me to make him anything. He's a boy. Pfftttt

Soooo when he asked me to knit him a wool sweater, I was already buying yarn before he finished the sentence!

I decided to use Elizabeth Zimmerman's bottom-up raglan pattern. I designed the stitch pattern for the sweater myself. I was so worried that it would be too much for my "no frills/plain kid". I just couldn't stand the thought of stockinette stitch on the entire sweater. So, I did a checkerboard pattern in stockinette and seed stitch. It turned out fantastic and I'm pleased to say that Cody LOVED it. (phew).

I gave it to him for Christmas.

This is an in-progress picture.

It's difficult to be sure the size is right when the project is a surprise. So, I had Mickey try it on about every other day to be sure I wasn't screwing it up too bad.

Doesn't she look happy to help? :)

Here he is wearing it for the first time for the winter.

 Isn't it perfect? Isn't he the most handsome boy ..... EVER?

I was pleased when he went out of his way to find out the proper way to wash it....and then giving those instructions to my husband (since hubby kinda does the laundry in our house). He wants to take care of it!!!

For good measure (I know it's a blurry photo...but it's such a cute picture):

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