Thursday, March 22, 2012

Rainbow Charm Swap - swap is full!

Swap is full

Looks like we are getting a lot of traffic but few sign ups. So, if I put out the way it will work, maybe more will want to play!

The plan

1. Each person will be assigned a color. Once all the swap slots are filled, I will email you your color assignment. (red, pink, purple, blue, aqua, green, yellow, orange)

2. Purchase TWO yards of fabric in your assigned color.

*No solids please. Take note of the scale of the print as large prints are not best for charm squares. Pick something you LOVE!

Feel free to choose something that has some other colors in it, as long as the fabric reads your color. (Meaning, if you stand back to look at the fabric, there is no question as to what color it is.)

3. Fabric must be designer label, 100% cotton, quality fabric.
No Hancocks, Joanns or Michael's fabrics.

4. Fabric must be new and unwashed and must come from a smoke free environment.

5. Before sending your fabric to me, cut your fabric into 5" x 5" charm squares.

Press your fabric before cutting. You may want to purchase a slight overage in case you make mistakes cutting your charms.
1 yard = 56 charm squares (5" x 5".)

Here's a great tutorial on how to cut fabric into charms by Elizabeth Hartman (<--I heart Elizabeth Hartman). 6. Put your fabric in a ziplock bag and include a 3x5 index card with your name, email address, mailing address, fabric info (designer, manufacturer, line, color.) I will compile a master list of fabrics and email it to you once the swap is complete. 7. In your envelope, include, the charms in ziplock, the index card a PREPAID SELF ADDRESSED STAMPED ENVELOPE for me to mail your charms back to you. 8. After all participants have signed up, I will set a deadline for when all charms must be in my hands (approximately a month after the color assignments). I will mail charms back to you the following week. I will create a Flickr group so we can post pictures of your fabric so we won't have any repeats. OK, so are you ready to swap a rainbow? Leave me a comment or send me a message to sign up. I will gather all your personal information after the swap is full. (those who already signed up in the first post don't have to sign up again). Feel free to share the love and post about the sign ups! :) I can't wait to see what you choose! Credit must be given to Jennifer of Ellison Lane Quilts as this was how she did her rainbow charm swap that I participated in. She is pretty much a rock star.


  1. I would love to be in! marian dot griffin 87 at gmail dot com


  2. I'd love to join!

    Lilbunnymama at mail dot com

  3. Sign me up. I would love some rainbow charms!

  4. I'm so excited about this! Quick question for clarification purposes on my part. Are we buying 2 continuous yards of one fabric that's our color, or is it 2 - 1 yard cuts of different fabrics in our assigned color(s)? I just want to make sure I know what to do so I can get started shopping as soon as colors are assigned! <3

  5. This would be great, please sign me up. I am also interested in clarification. Would we do 112 of the same fabric? Or 56 of 2 different ones?

  6. 2 separate fabric prints! We also have a couple people who are taking two slots (buying 4 yards of fabric). We're going to have an awesome variety of charms!

  7. As of 3/26/12: We still have about 15 more slots to fill! Tell your friends, followers, and fellow fabric-lovers! Hopefully, we can get these slots filled quickly and we can get our assigned colors! WOOT

  8. Sign me up for a second set of charms. Can't wait to see all the pretty fabrics!

  9. This sounds like fun. sign me up

  10. Please count me in too! I can do 2 of you need. ~Robin

  11. Saw the link on craftster - I'd love to play!

  12. Count me in! Adventuresinfabricland at gmail dot com

  13. Ok y'all...we have about 9 slots open! Hopefully we can get those slots filled and I will send out color assignments this weekend. Tell everyone you know! (If any of you want to take two slots...4 yards of fabric...let me know).

  14. i am kims sister and would like to join also. email is my name kandye vess (no space) at g mail dot com. thanks

  15. Is this an international swap? I'm in the UK. Can you also confirm: is it 2 yards of one fabric or is it 1 yard each of two fabrics?

  16. I would love to play along if you still have space !!!

  17. Would like to swap if you still have spaces?

  18. Attention: we have four slots left. WooT!
    I do need the following to send me a message that will include their information (name and email address is all that is necessary for now).
    ~ sranft
    ~ willrose
    ~ whimbrella (Robin, I have you for two slots)
    ~ zosew

    1. sranft = Sandy Ranft
      sanran1216 at gmail dot com
      You should have me down for two slots.

  19. If you still have a spot, I'd love to join!
    theconfusedquilter at gmail dot com

  20. OK I might as well join another swap but please don't assign me green! nyupstatebirds at (gmail)

  21. If you're still open, I am in!!