Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Break from sewing due to Injury!

I have to take the night off from sewing!  I have some kind of muscle injury in my quads.

I'm hanging out in my bed all evening with a heating pad on my leg.

Ok, raise of hands:
Who is wondering how I got a leg injury from sewing?

Even better
Who has actually figured out how I got a leg injury from sewing?

I didn't get a leg injury from sewing! Bwahahaha Got it from running. BUT it does hurt enough that the heating pad on my leg is keeping me from hanging out in front of my sewing machine.

So - here is the status of the Tokyo Subway Quilt.
I have completed 17 out of the 25 blocks.

I think I'm going to do the back in white. I might do the japanese calligraphy in red and have red binding. Hmmm. I just now thought of that while I was typing.

Here are a couple shots of the blocks laid out like it will be together. Pay no attention to the dirty floor. Time to get the teenagers to scrub the floor.

Zachary helped me line them all up. It was like a puzzle. He loved it!

You can really see the train lines forming!


  1. I knew you didn't get it from sewing silly, but figured out why you couldn't sew because of it. The quilt is looking fantastical!

  2. LOL I seriously crack myself up!

    The only problem with making this quilt is that it has inspired ideas for other quilts. I have two ideas in the works already!

  3. That's not a problem, it's a new hobby!

    Ok. Maybe that is a problem for you.

  4. I wish I had half the talent.