Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Cold Hard Lessons of Life

The Tokyo Subway Quilt by Elizabeth Hartman is teaching me a couple lessons that I've known but have thrown out into the lonely world all these years.

Perfection, as it turns out, is not overrated (as I've always believed).

With this quilt (and I suspect almost all quilts), I've decided that:
I can sew precise seams...which I do
I can sew consistent seams...which I do
I can align each square up perfectly....which I do
I can even align the seams up perfectly....which I do

None of these matter one bit if I cut the fabric haphazardly without the same amount of perfection and precision.




  1. that was my first lesson of sewing... I quickly learned that sewing is probably 90% cutting and 10% actual sewing... I'm impatient and just wanted to make my own patterns. That didn't work out so well.

  2. I do fine when I'm creating my own patterns. That's because I get to do what I want freely. LOL I just start cutting! Quilts are much more of an artform, though. Ya kinda have to have everything exactly perfect for the quilt to come together.

    You can still do your own patterns. You should practice on other things first! The actual sewing part is easy...it's putting the fabrics together perfectly that is the trick. ;)