Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Rock-a-bye Baby.....

Babies make me happy.
My babies.
Friends' babies
Strangers' babies.
Even Fur-Babies!!!

I love babies.

I really really really love crafting for babies!

When I first learned how to knit, I wanted to knit Mia a sweater. I did but it was HUMONGO. It fit her older brother Zachary. He loved it but his daddy wasn't fond of him wearing a pink sweater in public. Sheesh. Let the boy wear pink!

So, my second version, I decided to actually check gauge. This pretty blue with pink stripes was worn by Mia the entire winter when she was just a year old. The yarn was a cotton yarn and was OH SO SOFT.


 Then I learned my awesome friend Leslie was gonna have another baby! I had a boat load of pink wool yarn. When we found out we were having a girl, I started knitting! (even though my SIL was pregnant, too - I had no intentions of knitting for her since I didn't think she would appreciate a hand-knitted item).
The pink knitted blanket in a basket weave pattern was big enough to cover the entire crib. Probably didn't need wool since it doesn't really get cold here in SC, though.  The picture was the only picture I got when it was finished....that was at work when I gave it to Leslie. :)
I had the same kind of yarn (Bought it in bulk in several colors) so I knitted Mia an apron top. 
Isn't she so adorable?
Same yarn - I made her this cute summer dress.  
This pattern became my "Go-To" pattern for baby girls.

Here is my friend September's sweetie wearing the same dress (cotton yarn instead of wool...wool just doesn't do it for a summer dress heheh)

A blue and yellow version for Baby Ellie

Here is a pretty yellow with pink trim I made for a local friend.

 By the time Allyson's TWIN GIRLS were on the horizon, I was really tired of this pattern. I found a cute new pattern and a cute shrug pattern. I even found the most amazing soft yarn to use for the TWIN GIRLS. (can you imagine cute baby girl TIMES TWO? Allyson will need to hide the girls when I'm around because I fully intend to steal them).
Amazing soft yarn. Highly recommend this yarn if you want super soft silky yarn to run through your fingers.

How beautiful are they! Yep...totally gonna steal them.

When I discovered the pattern "Elenka" on Knitty, I knew I just HAD to make the dress for Mia. My friend Tiffany also wanted one for her little girl. I made Tiffany's first....then got the blue for Mia (I love Mia in I usually knit do all things blue for her).
Mia models everything that I make. This day, she did not want to play with the camera.
I can't figure out why this is the only photo I have of the blue "Elenka" I made for Mia. She wore this alllllllll summer last year. She still tries to put it on...even though with some shrinkage and her growth, will NOT fit her.

Fur Babies! 
These are shrugs that are also patterns on Cables and Bits (<--I think?). The colors are probably familiar...same yarn used on Mia's Apron top. One is for a little girl named "Lola". The blue shrug is for a little boy named "Mister Big"


  1. Dee-
    You are so amazingly talented! I too love crafts, and enjoy the quilts- but I am absolutely jealous of your ability to learn quickly and be amazing so fast! I guess I shouldn't be surprised because you have always been quite brilliant. Can you teach me to knit per skype? Or some other web based videochat?

  2. Hmm...I could teach you how to knit. Might be easier for me to maybe film the knitting steps rather than skype. Or you could go to youtube and find a bazillion knitting lessons. That's how I taught myself intarsia knitting. The stitches are just so tiny you need to be more up-close-and-personal than skype, I think.