Saturday, March 26, 2011

Current projects

I never have just one project going at a time. I get bored too easily, I guess. Some people say they don't have the patience to knit, or sew, or whatever.  I don't have patience either! I can't sit in one place for any amount of time without doing something. That's why I have something going on all the time.

Ok, so current projects that I'm working on.


~Mia's pink winter jacket~
Mia is my sweet four-year old girl. When I started the jacket, she was just three! And...ummm....well, winter is over. I knew that I would not complete it for this year, though. I made a point to make it a bit too big for her so she can wear it next year.

Mia is my biggest fan. She loves it when I make her stuff.

I used a superwash wool with fun fur yarn for the edges. I have a lot of in-progress pictures. The only thing I have left to complete the jacket is to sew in the flannel lining (which is really just for aesthetics because the wool all by itself is nice and warm!). 

Before the cute little wooden toggle buttons:

 This is the flannel lining that I haven't sewn in yet:

She wore it on the last day we got cold weather: (without the flannel lining)

And for good measure, a shot with her sweet and loving big brother, Zachary!

~Brenda's orange socks with frogs.~
Brenda's favorite color is orange and she has this really weird obsession with frogs.
When I started out to hunt down the perfect orange yarn to make the most comfy socks, I found nothing. I wanted a rich vibrant orange color. I wanted superwash wool in a sport weight. I found nothing. I decided to dye my own yarn!
I ordered some bare stroll sport sock yarn from My original thought was just do a kool-aid dye to get a basic orange color. I didn't have any in the cabinets but I did have vinegar and food coloring, so I decided to just go with it! I did the crock pot method and my dye worked beautifully! My awesome friends
say this looks like spaghetti.

 The problem was that the dye did not adhere to the yarn uniformly as you can see in the above photo. There were darker orange in spots and then very pale almost no color in other areas. I tried to rotate and 'stir' the spaghetti. It still wasn't uniform color. I decided to put random red and yellow food coloring in spots to get more coloring on the paler portions.
The different orange shadings made it even more beautiful in the end! I ended up calling the color of the yarn "Sunset"

So, I started on the socks but haven't gotten past the cuff. The green I found for the frogs was too light and drowned in the sea of beautiful orange shades. I now have a darker green that should really pop and go well with the vibrant orange.

~Tona's Organic Cotton Spring Sweater~
Top down raglan. I have completed one sleeve and there are so many screwed up stitches! I figured I would just keep knitting and fix the yucky stitches using a duplicate stitch. I finished the sleeve with this really cute picot edging. I thought I was finally making headway with this project and looked it over and HATE IT!  I think I will be frogging this sweater and start over and do some kind of lace stitching. I haven't officially decided yet, so I put down the project and I will give it a few days. If I'm ok with it when I pick it back up, I'll finish it.

I had slippers started for Dad.
I had a red hat started for my Aunt.
I had ear warmers and mittens started for my bff's mom
I had a felted purse for my friend Jess.

I'm sure there are many other projects that didn't make it to the "finished" stage.

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