Thursday, March 31, 2011

Tokyo Subway Map Quilt - Head Start!

I'm getting anxious to start my quilt. Since I decided to just buy fabrics here and there, I don't have all the fabrics I need.

I am using Elizabeth Hartman's Tokyo Subway Map quilt-along instructions. I discovered Elizabeth Hartman when I was surfing the net trying to brush up on my quilting skills. I found her blog and I fell in love with Tokyo Map quilt. I kinda fell in love with Elizabeth Hartman, too....girl crush. She pretty much rocks.

SO, There are 1600 2" x 2" squares for the quilt. I got a headstart on cutting. I think before it's over, I'll end up closing my eyes and seeing nothing but little fabric squares.

Getting started cutting squares
Lotsa squares already finished! Yay!

Mia wanted in on the action
Mia was color coordinating the squares with the Tinkerbell fabric that she stole after I finished Wenny's purse.

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