Saturday, March 26, 2011

New to blogging...not sure I'll stick with it

So, the only reason I decided to start a blog is so I have a place to share my crafts (mostly knitting, occasional sewing, a tiny bit of crocheting, and a little bit of this and that). I have a habit of taking pictures obsessively as I work on them. My poor friends get bombarded with text pictures from the moment I decide on a project, to pics of the supplies, in-progress pictures, and a bazillion different pictures of the final project.

...if I finish the project

 Anyway, I decided to save friends from my crazy obsessive texting of pictures and give this blog a try. We'll see if I stick with it.

I am obsessive. I am a typical crafter, though. If I don't like the way my project is coming along, I will probably never finish...and it'll hang out unfinished. Never know-I might go back to it eventually, right? Pfftttt Yeah, I probably won't.

So, I have pictures of finished projects that I will either post all at once or haphazardly here and there.


  1. Wenny needs to send you pictures of her purse and J's blankie to add here.

  2. I should do a post for JUST the stuff I've done for Wenny! Purse, Blankie, Big Pillow, bracelet, what else?

  3. I think you have them all....

  4. ... ok where did the rest of my comment go? Last part was "but we're anxiously awaiting our next Dee project!"

  5. I'm trying to find the picture I made for you that inspired the pillow.