Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Dee < 3 Wendy

So Wendy is one of those people who is genuinely full of love. She finds fault! I'm always drawn to people like her. Mostly out of curiosity. I cannot figure out how, in a sea of so many stupid people, people are still full of kindness! My Mom was that way. My HS bff, Bobbi, is that way.

Genuinely and sincerely kind person.

Wendy is married to Scott. Scott and Wendy had been trying to have a baby for years. Through their hills and valleys of trying to conceive, there was obviously nothing I could do. Being a long-distance friend, I would just send random text pictures (poor girl, she ended up having to increase her text messaging to 'unlimited' because of me ha ha) to distract her from 'thinking' during the waiting periods. Mainly, I was just silly and did my part to make her laugh.  One time, I scribbled on a piece of paper "Dee <3 Wendy" snapped a picture of it and texted it to her.

One Christmas, I 'luckily' drew Wendy's name in a gift exchange.

I immediately set out to do something appliqueing "Dee <3 Wendy". I went through my stash and found a rag denim patchwork that I put together years before and grabbed some fabric from my stash (The orange was from a lining in a purse, the green was from the pixie dust halloween bag, the pink is lining in Pig Tote bag).

The problem is that it looked like crap. I hated the applique. It just didn't work well with the denim. Plus since the seams were rag-style, it just didn't sew well to the fabric.

So, I decided to take a trip to the fabric store. I found this awesome blue corduroy fabric and a pretty pink boa! I grabbed some felt for the appliqued letters. and.....drumroll please: 

 This is what I ended up with:  I think Wendy likes it :)

 Here is the Charm bracelet (with the following note to explain the charms)

Rose quartz are the beads of love and fertility. They are said to help promote pregnancy and to protect the mother from miscarriage.
Moonstone is said to have powers that aid in nurturing receptivity and balancing of the emotions. They should help prepare you to welcome new life into her body, and into her life.
Turtles are a potent symbol of both protection and fertility.
Purse represents the sisterhood.  So you always have us near your pulse reminding you that we are here for you to drop all of your emotions inside of us.  Let us hold onto your fears, your anger, your sadness. 
Laugh Often.  Love Much.  –This charm is a symbol of me.  I’m there with you everywhere you go.  Loving you and doing my part to make you laugh.

Wendy cried. 

She was pregnant within a few months. I firmly believe it's because of me. 
I got her pregnant.

The following June, we had another "just because" gift exchange and somehow, I 'luckily' drew her name again. She and Scott are huge Disney fans. She particularly likes Peter Pan - Wendy from Peter Pan is her favorite. I'm still scratching my head trying to figure that out. Hmmmm

So, with the same fabric I used to make the pillow, I decided to make her a purse. It was perfect because there were already embroidered stars all over the fabric.

Here is the front:

 The inside lining is licensed Tinkerbell fabric. I lucked out finding this fabric. LOL

This is the back. Tinkerbell and Peter are cool...but I wanted the purse to be all about "Wendy"

I started a coin purse to go with it. I ummm never finished it. Oops.

I also included a Peter Pan keychain that I made with Shrinkie Dinks. (I LOVE Shrinkie Dinks!). I didn't remember to take a picture of it (I didn't remember to take pictures of any of these, I stole them from Wendy ssshhhh don't tell her I steal).

When she got the Peter Pan gift set, Wendy cried.

 Sooooooo Now, we are expecting a little baby boy! When I asked Wendy what she wanted me to knit for baby, she picked some lame pattern just because it looked like it could be something he could keep for many years. I wanted it to be more special than that. When I saw the Disney theme of the nursery, a lightbulb went over my head.

A Handknit Disney Afghan!

This was my very first knitting intarsia project. I always go big when I try something new.
 Mia is my model for most things. She is here to show how big it is. It can fit a twin size bed. Methinks baby will be able to have it and use it for years to come. Just like Wendy wanted. :)
I used flannel for the back of the fabric and tied it together like a quilt.

As you can see.....

Wendy cried. :)


  1. Ok so I never saw your first try at Dee <3 Wendy. I love it!

    My pillow sets on my bed every morning. The blanket of course is dearly protected for our son- so incredibly soft and perfect.

    And I still have my bracelet of course and purse!

  2. Ha ha. I also told you that I had all the stuff in my stash when I made the pillow and the bracelet.

    I lied.

  3. I know. Pffft! And I would have loved that denim throw just as much.

  4. I hated it. I wasn't gonna give it to you. It was way too icky.