Sunday, March 27, 2011

Bags for kids!

Oooh one of my favorite projects was the backpack I made for Little Zachary. He was probably 2 or 3 years old and he was going to go to daycare. Cody and Mikelle always got a new backpack for school. We made Zachary feel better about going to daycare by calling it a school but he wanted a new backpack, too! Cody and his big fat mouth said that we could get Zachary a backpack just like Diego!
Didja know it was practically impossible to find a Go Diego! Go! backpack? The only thing I could find was a hard plastic was not a real backpack.

So, being the crafty Mom that I am...I was forced to make Zachary a backpack. I went about it in my usual fashion...I started cutting. I measured nothing. Yep - that's just the way I roll. Cut twice/measure umm never? Even the straps - I made one long strap then cut it in half to get them both the same size.

I participated in a Halloween bag swap one year. These are the bags I made for my partner's children:

For the older boy, I made a more backpack bag with a drawstring. I had no  pattern, I just started cutting and sewing. I wanted to make him something he could use after had to be cool enough for a boy to want to carry around.

This bag was for her little girl who was dressing up as Tinkerbell. She was pretty obsessed with Tinkerbell year round, so I wanted her to have something she could play with year-round.

Her pixie dust bag also had a little loop for her fairy wand!

For her baby, I made a super soft happy jack-o-lantern bag. I had this fleece in the house from other projects. I cut out the pumpkin shape and appliqued it to the bag.

The 'stem' of the jack-o-lantern was made from the same fabric used for the lining in the Pixie Dust bag. The photo looks blue, but it's really a rich purple violet color.

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